Danish Military History 1848-1990

Danish military history 1848-1990 contains many interesting periods and facinating ruins and structures.

Danish Military history. The English bombardement of Copenhagen 1807

The bombardement of Copenhagen

the 19th. century was a period where the Danish influence and importance in Europe were decreasing. From being one of the great naval powers of Europe in the 18th. Century, to becoming a inferior country in 1864.
The danish navy was almost destoyed by the English navy and Denmark forced to give up their neutrality in 1801. In 1807 England made a terror bombardement at Copenhagen, followed by taken all sea worthy ships to England just to keep Denmark out of the Napoleonic wars.
This inflicted the Danish ability to trade, and the country went bankrupt in 1813. This lack of trade was also the reason why Norway became independent of Denmark in 1815.

The two Danish-Prussian wars:
Danish military history. The army returns victorious 1850

The Army returns 1850

From the few joyfull years after 1850 where 50 years of national misery was superseded by a victorious national feeling. one cheered on one, it turned out to be a questionable victory over a rebel army.
The total defeat of 1864, the German annexation of Southern Jutland for the following 60 years as well as a national dispair, left the exciting history and and a scarred landscape behind.

The Fortifications of Copenhagen:
Danish military history. The Bagsvärd Fort in the Copenhagen Fortifications

The Bagsvärd Fort

The construction of the  Fortifications of Copenhagen over the years 1886 to 1894. The Constructions were made without political appropriations causing a great deal of political and turmoil among the population. This lasted for many years.
Today, the fortification is located as a large number of incredibly exciting structures, surrounding the capital.

The German WW1 stronghold:

The German World War I construction of a fortification line with over 900 structures across the Southern Jutland, Sicherungsstellung Nord.
A Facility that was never manned or used, and forgotten by both Danish and German history for 65 years..

Danish military History. The Bangsbo Fort from the Cold War

The Bangsbo Fort

The Cold War Structures:

5 years of German occupation with all its ramains and 4 years after World War 2, the start of the Cold War. Danish NATO membership and the construction of large as wel as small military structures and facilities, of which many still can be experienced.



And when all is said, these 125 years are , most likely, the most dramatic and intriguing years in Danish military history.