The Army, Navy and Airforce at the Stevns

A significant number og military installations were built on the Stevns peninsula south of Copenhagen during the Cold War.

The Stevns Fort from 1953, which with its two gun towers from the German cruiser Gneisenau and a shooting range of  23 km. out in the Öresund or the Baltic. A logical place to both prevent the passage of the strait of Öresund and support the defense against landings.
The southern part of Zealand and Falster, with their flat beaches, formed obvious areas for amphibious landings.

When Denmark received NIKE, NIKE Hercules and later Hawk, an air defense circle was laid around Copenhagen.
There were missile plants on the Stevns (Sigerslev and Höjerup), in the Kongelund, at Tune and Gunderød 

There are still many remains of the  presence of the Navy, Army and Airforce at the Stevns.