The Dybböl Stronghold

Denmark with Dybböl marked

The Dybböl stronghold was built in a semi-circle across the Sundeved Peninsula. To the east, the strait Alssund separates Sundeved and the island of Als.
The fortress was built in 1862, but projected as early as 1853.
The scans were unmanned until the troops arrived Feb. 6.
Following the arrival of Dannevirke, the scans are completed by the exhausted soldiers. Among other things. the pile work around the hedges was not put in the ground lest they rot.


Map over the Dybböl Stronghold

Dybbøl was never intended to withstand a siege or a major attack.
It was a flank position from which to attack a flanking army from the south coming north.
His supply lines in particular would be vulnerable.