The author

The author as guide at the Dybböl Historic Center

Søren Østergaard
Born 1954
Resident at the Island of Als, Nordborg, Denmark

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The site is a further development of the site which was created around 2005 as part of the Site0 community.
For 10 years I was director for the Svandinavian site. The site was very difficult to maintain, as the domains often were changed. 
The Danish content was therefore moved to in 2015 and the Scandinavian site closed. The English name is chosen because I found that there is actually a great international interest in Danish military history as well.

I started the digital storytelling in 1995. At this time, not many people used websites for storytelling, just as there were not many who could access the closed and overgrown structures and buildings.
I succeeded to get access to the most during the years from 2008 to 2015, and I was now able to present history and images from Danish military facilities that were not then widely available or accessable.

On the website and the website (about the Fortress of Copenhagen 1884-1920) , you can see a lot about Danish recent military history and see pictures from both publicly available facilities and facilities that are usually completely or partially closed.

I have given numerous lectures on passages of the Danish military history 1848-1920, written several articles and delivered photos to both Danish and international journals.

Finally I have published two books related to Danish military history.