The Stronghold on Google Maps

Map containing the positions shown in Mogens Scott Hansen’s key map. The plants that are still visible are marked as a historic building with greenery. However, a large part of these plants is completely or partially blown up.
Of the more than 900 plants, approx. 75 plants still intact or partially intact. 64 are completely blown up while 30 are covered and in unknown condition.

The map starts with the visible installations.
It is possible to add the card to the looped batteries as well as other looped systems.
Use the card selector in the top left corner of the card

The map thus gives both a good impression of the original size of the plant and it can also form the basis for a trip to Hedging position North.

By clicking an icon, visible remains can be seen on images and on sea-level residues the plant number

There are the following signatures on the card

Stillingens anlæg på Google Map